Joysagar Tank & Temples :


    The Joysagar tank

              Swargadeo Rudra Singha shifted the capital of the Ahom Kingdom from Gargaon to Rangpur in 1702 AD. Prior to shifting of the capital he got the Joysagar tank dug in 1697 AD in memory of his mother Sati Jaymati who sacrificed her life for the cause of safety of her husband Gadapani's life and for that matter, for stability and prosperity of the state as a whole. The Joysagar tank was made in the historic Jerenga Pathar where Joymoti was inhumanly tortured to death at the behest of self-seeking cruel king Sulitpha in a bid to elicit information regarding absconding Gadapani's whereabouts.
              The bed of the mighty Joysagar tank covers an area of 117 pura 1 bigha 1 lecha, and it took just 45 days to dig the tank. With the banks around the measurement of land comes to 210P-1B-13L. It is said to be the biggest man made tank in the country.

  • Five Temples :

              On the north bank of the historical tank stand five temples, namely Keshavri Doul (also known Jai Doul), One Surjya Mandir, one Ganesh Mandir, one Vidyanath (Shiva) Mandir and one Devi Doul. On the South-west corner there is one small but worth seeing Ghanashyam Mandir, popularly known as Nati-gosain Doul. This temple was built in memory of Ghanashyam, the chief architect of the capital city of Rangpur. The terra-cotta design on its walls along with small but exquisitely beautiful images makes the structure unique in character.