Ranganath Doul and other temples :


             In between Jaysagar tank and Talatalghar stands a Shiva Temple known as Rangnath Doul. It was built by Swargadeo Rudra Singha in 1703 AD. To its west area is another monument called the Hara-Gauri Devalaya and on the eastern side there stands the Gauri Dallav Doul, also known as Na-Gosain Doul. Swargadeo Rajeswar Singha built the Hara Gauri Devalaya where the image of goddess Chamundra was set up. All royal weddings were held in this temple. Another temple called Ishaneswar Devalaya dedicated to Lord Shiva was built by Swargadeo Lakshmi Singha’s mother, but now it is in a state of ruin. In 1703-04 AD. Rudra Shinga built one maidam (tomb) in memory of his mother Sati Jaimati which came to be known as Fakua Doul. It is said that since his mother had died long before, Rudra Singha laid a symbolic golden image of her inside the maidam built with bricks.