Thowra Doul and Borpatra Doul :


              To the north east of Sivasgar town, about 7 km away by the side of NH 37 stands the Thowra Doul along with a tank. Those were made by one Alan Dehingia Baruah in 1683-85 AD. during the region of Swargadeo Gadadhar Singha. King Lakshmi Singha's mother Bogi Rajmao started construction of a temple by the side of Gajpuria Ali about 6 km away from Sivasagar town. Rajmao did not live long enough to see the work completed. Later, king Lakshmi Singha got it completed along with a big tank beside and dedicated the tank and temple in memory of his mother Bogi Rajmao. Again, some 5 km westward from Joysagar, beside the Kharikatia Ali, stands another beautiful temple on the northern bank of a big tank. These are known as Borpatra Doul and tank. Queen Fuleswari built those to perpetuate the memory of her younger brother Harinath Borpatra Gohain. The engraving on the walls of the temple are exquisite in beauty, but now the Doul and tank are in the brink of ruin.