• Guests/Dignitaries planned and proposed to be invited:

    His Excellency, The Honorable President of India

    The Honorable Prime Minister of India

    Nobel Laureates His Majesty the Dalai Lama and Mr. Kailash Satyarthi

    An overview of various programmes and events of the forthcoming Centenary celebrations of the Asom Sahitya Sabha (74th bi-annual Convention) proposed to be held from February 1, 2017 to February 5, 2017 is given below:


    Representatives' Meet


    Open meeting


    Litterateurs' Convention




    Poets' Convention


    National Level History Convention


    National Level Convention on Philosophy


    Reconstitution of the Executive of Asom Sahitya Sabha


    Convention of Children and Youth


    Diverse Cultural Programmes :



    Arrangements for exhibition of cultural diversity/extravaganza of various states of India



    Exhibition of cultural diversity/extravaganza of Northeast India



    Exhibition of cultural diversity/extravaganza of traditional and indigenous cultural traits/properties of tribes en masse of Assam



    Programme for renowned artistes/singers of Assam: Old and New



    Enacting of Plays and "Bhaona", the unique creation of Shri Sankardev



    Programmes for those who have represented Assam in the national/international for and won accolades and laurels and made the state proud


    Cultural Procession/s


    One National Level Book fair where nearly 500 odd Publishers and Booksellers are expected to take part


    A large number of exhibitions centered on the progress of works and development activities taking place across the country is also being organized


    A platform is being mulled by the Organizers to make allowances for participation of various Private Sector enterprises/Industries who shall get the privilege of showcasing the qualitative edge of their products and services


    Arrangements are in place for trade fair/s. Commercial establishments will get adequate facilities/opportunities to sell their products by taking part in this fair


    Arrangements for publication/publishing of about hundred Books of varied literary flair and flavor