FEBRUARY 1, 2, 3, 4 AND 5, 2017

    Sivasagar is situated at a distance of 376 kilometres towards the east of Guwahati, the capital city of Assam. Sivasagar is the headquarter of Sivasagar district. Towards the south are Joysagar and Rudrasagar which are renowned for their historical significance. It is amidst Joysagar and Rudrasagar where a sprawling picturesque landscape christened as Joysagar will play host to the forthcoming convention. One among the thirty two districts, Sivasagar is one of the most resourceful with exceptional diversity and a very impressive literacy rate. It has been believed that the seeds of Bihu, the main festival of the Assamese were sown in Sivasagar. Various cultural forms of Assam such as the Sattriya Nritya, Bhaona, Mising Bihu and the dance form of the Tea Garden Labourers also germinated in Sivasagar prior to its spread and expansion to other places.

    PLACES IN THE VICINITY OF SIVASAGAR FOR TOURISTS/VISITORS : Sivasagar to Jorhat: 55 km; to Moran: 40 km; to Gargaon/Nazira/Charaideo : 15-20 km Dibrugarh: 80 Km; Kaziranga National Park: 175 km
    Railway stations in the outskirts of Sivasagar include Narira: 20 kms, Simaluguri: 18 kms, Amguri: 32 kms. Although there is no airport in Sivasagar, there are airports in Jorhat and Dirugarh both situated at distances of 65 and 100 kms respectively from Sivasagar, the venue of the Convention. Prior booking of accommodation is a must. As there will be huge rush for accommodation in hotels at Sivasagar around the time of the Convention, visitors/participants/tourists may opt for advanced booking in hotels at Dibrugarh and Jorhat which are at a travelable one-and-a-half hours' to two hours drive. Good transport and communication facilities are on offer for journey from and to Sivasagar and the commuters are assured to be at ease.

    TOURIST SPOTS :World famous Joysagar tank, the largest in Asia and Joy Doul
    The Royal Palaces of the Ahom Kings like Talatal Ghar, Kareng Ghar
    Rang Ghar, the first amphitheatre of its kind in Asia
    Sivasagar Borpukhuri, Siva Doul, Devi Doul & Vishnu Doul – the temples built in 18th century
    Gaurisagar Doul (temple) and Tank
    Rudrasagar Na-Pukhuri and other tanks dug at different places during the period of Ahom rule.
    Ranganath Doul & Faahua Doul
    Charaideo Moidam (Mound), the famous burial ground of the Ahom royals
    Thowra Doul and Borpatra Doul.
    Stone Bridges.
    Pani Dihing Bird Sanctury.
    Ethnic villages of Disangmukh and Dikhowmukh
    Beautifully landscaped tea estates in Amguri and Charaideo
    Oil installations and ONGC Assam Asset Headquarters at Nazira

    WEATHER CONDITIONS AT SIVASAGAR IN FEBRUARY : Sivasagar remains almost rainfall-free in February. Weather remains bright and sunny. The average temperature is about 18 degree Celsius.